The Diana Award, an esteemed accolade established in memory of Princess Diana, serves as a beacon of recognition for exceptional young individuals aged 9-25 who have demonstrated unwavering dedication to social action and humanitarian causes. Their noble endeavors have positively impacted communities and transformed lives. Here’s how you can nominate someone deserving:

Nomination Criteria and Eligibility:
– Age Requirement: Nominees must fall within the age range of 9 to 25 at the time of nomination, reflecting the award’s focus on the youth’s potential for remarkable contributions.
– Duration of Service: Nominees must have dedicated themselves to their social action work for a minimum of 12 months, showcasing sustained commitment and perseverance.
– Nominator Eligibility: Nominators, aged over 18, must have a professional relationship with the nominee, ensuring a credible endorsement of their endeavors.
– Independence: Nominators cannot be related to the nominee, maintaining impartiality in the selection process.
– Supporting Statement: Nominators must provide contact details and a Supporting Statement from an additional Supporter to validate the nominee’s merits.
– Additional Evidence: While optional, providing supplementary evidence of the nominee’s social action work further strengthens the nomination.

Nomination Checklist:
1. Vision: Recognizing the nominee’s unwavering commitment and passion towards their chosen cause, evident through their sustained service and impactful social action initiatives.
2. Social Impact: Celebrating the nominee’s ability to effect positive change within their community, creating tangible benefits that extend beyond individual endeavors.
3. Youth Led: Acknowledging the nominee’s leadership and ownership of their initiatives, demonstrating their proactive role in shaping and driving meaningful activities.
4. Service Journey: Highlighting the transformative journey undertaken by the nominee throughout their service, showcasing personal growth, acquisition of skills, and resilience in overcoming challenges.
5. Inspiring Others: Emphasizing the nominee’s role as a beacon of inspiration to others, serving as a positive role model through their infectious enthusiasm, optimism, and dedication to making a difference.

If you know a young person who embodies these qualities and has made remarkable strides in the realm of social action, consider nominating them for The Diana Award. Your nomination could provide well-deserved recognition and serve as a catalyst for further positive change in the world.

[Click here to nominate.]

Let’s come together to celebrate and empower the next generation of change-makers, honoring Princess Diana’s legacy of compassion, kindness, and service to humanity.

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